Franconian Plastics Network (KNF)

Pooling Resources

The Kunststoff-Netzwerk Franken e. V. (furthermore mentioned as KNF) sees itself as a place of exchange for companies allocated in the plastics industries branch. Our goal is to bring experts together and provide the opportunity for mutual exchange at the events of work groups and professional events. Participants use these gatherings to establish their personal professional network in the industry.

Cross-company communication and business related exchange is the key for the companies and their employees to establish a wide overview over the developments in the plastics industry. All events hosted by KNF aim to boost / strengthen its members’ performances and therefore improve their competitive advantage.

The network itself offers a variety of opportunities to increase the benefit for your company. We like to compare our idea of the network to a gym membership. No benefit or improvements can be achieved by merely paying the membership fee. Noticeable changes and effects can only be recognized, when offers provided by the KNF are used regularly and therefore the companies and their employees contribute themselves to the success.

As a member in our network you decide yourselves to what extent you will profit from the mutual exchange. Our office is looking forward to supporting you.

Advantages for our members

A membership in the KNF offers you the benefits of a variety of network exchange, synergy potential and competitive advantages.

The development of a personal network, especially in our work groups and during conferences leads to a fast and uncomplicated exchange of relevant information and enables the opportunities to profit from a close contact to technical partners and therefore shorten the time to find the right solution. This increases the efficiency of processes. Close contact with molding experts, tool manufacturers and service partners / suppliers are majorly relevant to increase speed when developing technical solutions.

Members have the following advantages:

  • Mutual exchange of experience and information amongst technical experts
  • Development of a personal network
  • Support with everyday operations
  • Human resource development
  • Support with trainees and training of staff through Faszination Kunststoff and our training offers
  • ...and much more. We are looking forward to getting in touch with you.

Activities Overview

Work Groups:

Our members are organized in technical specialized work groups where they work on self-defined questions and problems that arise throughout various aspects during the polymer processing. The work groups are led by experts in the industry who work for member companies and the discussed contents are determined by the participants of the work group. Therefore we guarantee an exchange of technical expertise and up to date information. The meetings of the work group take place on participating company sites.

Training Offers / Employee Development:

In addition to specialist conferences the KNF also offers exclusively to its members a variety of long-term trainings. Those are tailored for different target groups such as trainees, expert employees or career jumpers who are newly establishing themselves with jobs in the plastics industry.


Material search

We support our members with the search for needed materials, production capacities or other measuring instruments and other tools.

Trainee search

The KNF supports its members to find their needed amount of future young professionals.

Faszination Kunststoff:

The campaign Faszination Kunststoff was developed to offer our members a qualified and specifically for the plastics industry tailored support to interest students for the branch and for its vocational opportunities.

Job Board:

The job board is a cooperation project between the KNF and For all placed adds with plasticker, members of the KNF receive a 30% discount. The add will be published on and its partner websites.

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